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Kabuki Brush


This ultra-soft, synthetic bristle Kabuki brush allows you to achieve buildable medium to full coverage for a customizable, beautiful look.
The Kabuki brush is an essential component of the modern makeup collection; this versatile tool can be used to apply loose and pressed mineral foundations, and also serves as a wonderful bronzer and blush applicator.
The soft bristles can grab and blend color, providing even coverage for a flawless finish.





Creating a high quality kabuki brush is no easy task, and our Kabuki Brush is one of the very best you’ll come across.
What makes it so great? It has been engineered to make applying the finest makeup a breeze.
Our brush is soft, with flexible, synthetic (ideal for sensitive skin) bristles that give control over application, contouring, and coverage.
Most importantly, the brush doesn’t shed and cleans easily, ensuring it will provide consistent application for years to come.
Other brushes have stiff bristles that get clogged, over-apply product, and generally make your routine unpleasant.
Due to the flexibility of the Colorescience Kabuki Brush, it’s great for applying everything from setting powder to liquid foundations.
Apply, blend, contour, smooth.
Try the all-purpose Colorescience Kabuki Brush.
You won’t be disappointed.




Use in small, tight circles with more powder for heavier coverage.
Use large, broad strokes with less powder for more sheer coverage.
Best to wash with warm water and soap; leave out over night to dry.

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