Hydropeptide Cosmetics

The American cosmetics brand HydroPeptide® was founded in 2004 by a team of chemists, geneticists, technologists, and dermatologists. To date, the brand has no analogs in the cosmetics market, surpassing many well-known global premium brands in terms of the uniqueness, effectiveness, and innovation of its cosmetic products.

Currently, all product development is under the control of Dr. Neil Kitchen, Vice President of Strategy and Development for the HydroPeptide brand. This collaboration has brought in renowned gerontologists, integrative medicine doctors, geneticists, and biochemists.

*Clinically proven effectiveness and visible results after the first treatment.

*Unbeatable solution for many problems.

Key Advantages of HydroPeptide®

High concentration peptide therapy

Contains over 85 latest-generation peptides; Peptide complexes are exclusively included in all lines;

All peptides are presented in effective working concentrations, ensuring bright results.

Why peptides?

Peptides are short chains of amino acids (or protein fragments) that act as signaling molecules and regulate cellular communication, normalize and control metabolic processes to maintain and prolong cell health and youthful skin.

Peptides are small enough to penetrate the dermis.

Peptides have a structure complex enough to influence physiological processes.

Peptides normalize cellular communication.

Concept of cellular health

The concept of cellular health is based on the principles of epigenetics (the science that studies ways to optimize gene activity without changing DNA structure) and claims that thanks to innovative formulations based on peptides, we can:


“eliminate” existing negative cellular changes (by reducing the expression of corresponding genes)


“reprogram” cells completely balanced and unchanged health


increase cell viability

Additional benefits

— In addition to peptide therapy, formulations use over 500 innovative components: plant stem cells, antioxidants, encapsulated retinol, acids, plant extracts, a triple hyaluronic acid complex, and more.

— Each product has a powerful moisturizing effect.

— Addresses both age-related skin changes and issues like acne, pigmentation, sensitivity, and other aesthetic skin problems.

— Combats signs of “numeric” and “urban” aging.

— Product development and formulation take into account natural circadian rhythms.


— The brand has GMP and FDA quality certifications, indicating a high level of safety and the absence of the following components in the formulations: anionic surfactants; phthalates; refined products; parabens; animal-derived ingredients; hormones and hormone-like compounds; synthetic fragrances and colors.

— The latest generation preservatives, recognized as the safest for use in cosmetics, are used.

— Cosmetic products can be used at any age according to indications, as peptide complexes do not cause withdrawal symptoms and work on the principle of negative feedback.

— They can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding since there is no systemic exposure to signal peptides.

Developed by geneticists

Clinically prove


Preferred by professionals

Pure science

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