During the consultation:

– We determine your skin type and its current condition. Identify key areas that require attention.

– Analyze your current skincare routine and make necessary corrections.

We are always ready to help you choose optimal skincare products based on your skin’s condition and needs.

On-site, we introduce our favorite top brands in professional cosmetics, which can be immediately customized and purchased according to your needs.

We particularly enjoy creating skincare routines that consist of various brands to maximize the effectiveness of homecare and maintain skin quality between visits to the aesthetician.

– Explore which procedures we can combine for comprehensive and effective results.

– We also address lifestyle factors, including overall health, nutrition, and supplements, and provide advice on any necessary analyses or specialists to consult.

External beauty begins with internal health!

– We explore any questions you may have.

– We agree on how we will continue communication.

We believe that a systematic approach is crucial, so we consider all possible aspects.

If you are not in Tallinn or cannot visit us for any other reason, we also offer online consultations.

Online Consultation

What do we need for this?

  1. Capture a high-quality photo or video in daylight to clearly see the size of pores and skin texture. We recommend using your phone’s rear camera and sending it to us via Telegram @skinstudio_ee or email info@skinstudio.ee.
  2. Next, our specialist will coordinate a suitable time for a call with you, during which they will ask essential questions to understand the overall picture and adjust your current routine accurately. The call duration, depending on the case, is approximately 30-40 minutes.
  3. To better assess how your current skincare routine fits, please also send a photo of the skincare products you are currently using. Healthy and beautiful skin is our mission!


The consultation is free. The duration of the procedure is 40-60 minutes.

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