Colorescience® products protect the skin from UV rays and other environmental factors 365 days a year. Thousands of doctors worldwide recommend and personally use Colorescience® cosmetics.

Our philosophy

at Colorescience® is simple. Our mission is to create flawless makeup that doesn’t force you to choose between skin health and aesthetic beauty. Colorescience ensures that your skin looks good today, tomorrow, and always.
Because we understand the needs of the modern woman. We also understand her primary needs, including the desire to easily care for her health and beauty. Our products are designed to fit with today’s lifestyle and help women always look naturally beautiful.
Colorescience® is a brand trusted, recommended, and personally used by thousands of doctors – cosmetologists, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons. Indeed, in the field of health and skin protection, we do not compromise. That’s why all our products are 100% safe for the skin and provide reliable protection against UV rays and other stressors year-round.


Our difference lies in our dedication to exceptionally “healthy” ingredients. We choose only luxurious mineral ingredients. We consciously use high concentrations of our excellent ingredients, thoroughly research them, and test the quality of each formula. We invented and patented a unique process for processing ingredients. And the end result was worth the effort! Our mineral makeup is so lightweight that the skin can breathe freely.


We aim to improve the quality of life by changing the habits of adults and children, encouraging everyone to regularly use sunscreen, making it a daily habit. Only this ensures the health of the skin for many years.


Diane Ranger is the creator of the mineral makeup concept. The idea to create makeup derived naturally from the depths of the Earth was born in 1970. Diane Ranger’s mineral makeup concept revolutionized the entire cosmetics industry and popularized the idea of “healthy” makeup.

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