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An American manufacturer of the highest quality skincare products with proven clinical and practical results. The Innovative Skincare® international team of professionals includes experts in plant pharmacology, molecular biology, biochemistry, and medicine. Their collaborative work has resulted in remarkable achievements in the field of skincare and anti-aging medicine.

iS CLINICAL® therapeutic skincare is offered to clients by leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical centers, beauty salons, and skincare experts worldwide.


Innovative Skincare® offers high-quality clinically proven products, utilizing the most advanced technologies and the highest quality ingredients to create formulations that support healthy skin and help improve its appearance.

High-Quality Products

Our high-quality products for cleansing, healing, moisturizing, and protecting the skin contain carefully selected innovative ingredients. INNOVATIVE SKINCARE’s goal is to develop skincare products that are clinically proven to be safe and effective. Therefore, our products undergo independent clinical trials. Our experts carefully analyze the test results and work constantly to improve the products.

company philosophy

The company adheres to the highest ethical standards in advancing the science of skin health.

A fundamental part of the company’s mission is the desire to help people. Innovative Skincare® is the founder, sponsor, and partner of numerous charitable programs. A special place is dedicated to the iS CANCER CARE™ project, which aims to improve the quality of life for cancer patients receiving treatment.


Due to the unique properties of their skincare products,

iS CLINICAL® is actively used by plastic surgeons, renowned dermatologists, professional estheticians, and makeup artists worldwide.


Each individual product is multifunctional and addresses 3-5 aesthetic concerns simultaneously, including skin aging, hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, scars, etc. These skincare products are suitable for both men and women with any skin type.


Growth factors and peptides actively work against free radicals and protect cells from neoplasms and aging. iS CLINICAL® skincare products have been developed by an international team of top experts. The American brand’s products use plant-derived ingredients obtained through the latest technologies, the effectiveness of which has been scientifically proven.


iS CLINICAL® skincare products are certified according to GMP regulations overseen by the FDA, and ORAC studies confirm the high concentration of antioxidants. The products do not contain parabens and do not have a systemic effect on the body.

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